California Warrant Attorney Scott Dicus

California Warrant Attorney Scott Dicus


If you failed to appear in court, or failed to complete a requirement of your probation, or failed to pay your fines, a judge is likely to have issued a bench warrant. If a bench warrant is issued, law enforcement is authorized to arrest you and bring you before the judge. Courts deal with warrants in different ways. Depending on the judge, you may be released with a a warning, or taken into custody.

Attorney Scott Dicus, founder of QikLaw, is an experienced California criminal lawyer with a Five-Star Client Rating on TrustPilot and YelpMr. Dicus has successfully resolved hundreds of warrants throughout Southern California. If you have an outstanding warrant, it is important that you clear it up as soon as possible. Clearing a warrant can be tricky. An experienced California defense attorney should have no problem handling your case, even if you no longer reside in California.

If you have an outstanding bench warrant, attorney Scott Dicus can appear on your behalf to clear the warrant. In most cases, you will never have to appear in court.

Typically, Mr. Dicus charges the following fees:

  • $500 Infraction or Traffic Warrant
  • $1,500 for a probation violation warrant (misdemeanor cases) or misdemeanor driving without a license cases
  • $2,500+ for a misdemeanor warrant (before a plea has been entered)
  • $3,500+ for a felony warrant (an appearance by the defendant is almost always required)

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Why Use This Service

There are a number of benefits to having an attorney appear on your behalf to recall and quash your warrant.

  • DON’T PAY A BAIL BOND COMPANY: When an attorney appears on your behalf, the judge will see that you are serious about resolving your case. In most cases, any bail will be reduced or eliminated entirely and your attorney will be able to appear without you being personally present in court.
  • YOUR CASE DISMISSED: Once the warrant is resolved, an attorney can use the law to find the most favorable outcome for your case. For example, if your case is old, Mr. Dicus will likely file a motion to have the charges against you dismissed because your constitutional right to a speedy trial has been violated. This is commonly referred to as a “Serna Motion.”
  • CLEAR YOUR RECORD: Finally, once the warrant has been addressed, Mr. Dicus can assist you in cleaning up your criminal record. There are many remedies available and these include expungement, arrest record sealing, probation termination motions, etc.

Call (714) 202-5737 to speak with attorney Scott Dicus and receive a free case evaluation, or click “Get Started” to provide us with your contact information and he will contact you.

The Process

  1. Attorney Scott Dicus will gather information about your case from a variety of sources.
  2. Mr. Dicus will review your case and determine the most effective and most expeditious course of action.
  3. In certain cases, supporting documents will need to be obtain to obtain the most favorable result.
  4. Mr. Dicus will appear in court. In most courts, warrants can be added to calendar within a day or two.
  5. Depending on where your case is in the process, Mr. Dicus will take the steps necessary to resolve your case.


* Note that because each case is unique and there are some procedural differences for each county in California your case may not follow our process outline exactly.


My minimum fee to appear on a warrant is $500. This applies to infractions and traffic tickets. I charge $1,000 for misdemenaor probation violations, $1,500 for misdemenaor cases, $2,500 for felony cases. This includes recalling the warrant and addressing any issues with the court. These fees apply to over 90% of my cases.

  • Orange County: Search the Orange County Sheriff‘s webiste.
  • Los Angeles County: there is no real online information. You will need to contact the clerk at the court that has jurisdiction over the case.
  • Riverside County: Check the online public access website.
  • San Bernardino County: Check the online public access website.
  • San Diego County: If it’s a felony, you should be able to find the case info here. If a misdemeanor or infraction, you will need to contact the court clerk by telephone.
Or, provide attorney Scott Dicus with your name and date of birth and he will locate your case information.

In most cases, no. However, if the case is a felony, an appearance will be required.

Mr. Dicus can typically appear in court within a day or two. Because the appearance date has usually come and gone, warrants hearings can be scheduled each morning. There are some exceptions. For example, Riverside County requires the misdemeanor warrants be calendared out about 1-2 weeks.

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