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Congratulations on getting your convictions sealed or expunged! You are almost finished, but there is still one final step you must take to ensure that your criminal record is as clean as possible within the limits of the law. Because so many employers use private companies to perform background checks, expunging your criminal record is only the first step. After you have had your criminal record reduced and/or expunged, we can update your record with to reflect the court’s ruling.

According to, they are the nation’s largest criminal record database provider and they furnish criminal record data to over 500 different private background check companies. Their company maintains a national database of over 4 million criminal records. Updating your record with them, will in turn update your record with over 500 other private background check companies.

Although you have updated your record with the court and the Department of Justice (DOJ), old or inaccurate information may still be held in private databases. Contacting the private companies directly and asking them to update their records is a quick and efficient way to update old information. There are laws in every state concerning what criminal case information can be viewed by the public, and updating your record will give you peace of mind knowing that your record is reflecting accurately and lawfully on the Internet.
Goodman & Dicus will need your permission to communicate on your behalf with the background check company. We will provide you with a release form that will authorize to speak with our attorneys about your criminal record. Upon receiving that authorization, we will communicate directly with to make sure your record is updated. In approximately 4-6 weeks time, will provide us with confirmation that your record has been updated in their national database. Our office will immediately provide you with an electronic copy to keep with your records.

How can I be sure that my criminal record has been updated? will provide us with a letter confirming that your information has been updated in their database. We will provide you with a copy of this letter.

What if I do not have a copy of my court order? 

If you used our firm’s services to clean up your record, we will have a copy of the court order in your file. If you were not our client, you will need to provide us with a copy of the order. If you do not have a copy of the order, we charge a $25 fee to obtain a copy of the order from the court. This additional fee applies to each order that must be obtained.

How long does the process take? 

This process typically takes about 2 weeks.

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