We offer convenient interest-free payment plans for all of our legal services. Each payment plan is based on 3 equal monthly installments covering the full cost of the service. We will begin working on your case as soon as you make your first installment and will progress with each installment made. On the final installment we will file your matter with the court and our attorneys will see your case through completion. We may also make alternative payment plan options for those who require more assistance. If you have any questions regarding the payment plans please contact our office at 877.745.9091.
  The money back guarantee does not include court costs or filing fess. Additionally, the guarantee only covers a 50% money back return for clients who have violated the terms of their probation due to the potential complications that may accompany petitions with probation violations.
  *Prices do not include court filing fees. Fees vary from county to county and range from $0 - $150. For more information on filing fees for this service, please visit our Filing Fees page. Additionally, If you violated any of the terms of your probation there is an additional charge of $200.
  **The Money-Back guarantee only applies to expungements, and does not apply to Early Probation Termination Motions, Felony Reductions, or Certificates of Rehabilitation.