Felony Expungement in California

The process of Felony Expungement in California allows persons with a criminal record to be able to function within the society without “”penalties and disabilities,”” according to the California Penal Code 1203.4 PC. This is a desirable outcome for people who often find that their criminal record, which may go back ten years or more, may surface during an interview for employment.

The code also releases the person, once felony expungement in California has been obtained, from having the records used against them by an employer, during the interview, or when obtaining a professional license. The need to obtain these licenses, join professional associations, and conduct job interviews can be difficult for anyone during an economic downturn. However, when candidates for a job carry a criminal record, it makes it easy for employers to eliminate these candidates from consideration for the position.

Who Can Expunge Records?

There are some people who do not qualify for felony expungement in California, but many do. To learn whether you fall into the first or second category, it is advisable to consult with the skilled expungement attorneys of Qiklaw to determine your present or future status for expungement.

The people who will not be eligible for expungement are usually people who have not completed their required probation or are being charged with another offense currently. People serving time, or who have served time, in a California state prison are not eligible for a Felony Expungement in California. People who are presently on probation are also ineligible for expungement; however, they may still speak with an attorney about the possibility of future felony expungement in California. Certain sex offenses also cannot be expunged.

Other felony expungement restrictions in Califnornia include violations while on probation — but these violations can sometimes be repaired, which may result in eligibility. Consulting the expungement attorneys of Qiklaw is the best way to determine the status of your situation, which is affected by your behavior while on probation, previous criminal activities, seriousness of the charge, and other similar variables. Contact Qiklaw today for a free consultation of your expungement case, or take our free expungement eligibility test now.

The Process of Felony Expungement in California

It is normal for people to use an attorney to perform the administrative tasks associated with the proceedings involved in felony expungement in California. The process begins with the analysis of your individual situation and all of the variables that make up your case. Then, the attorney will conduct the research necessary to locate the relevant laws that affect you the most. Finally, the paperwork must be filed correctly and within the time frame that is determined by the courts. It is up to each person to ensure that they are available and able to travel to the court on the assigned date of the hearing if this is required of them.

These preparations are critical in creating the best possible case for your felony expungement in California. The judge will be examining the documents prepared by the expungement attorney, and it is for this reason that you must work with an attorney that has a commitment to the clients’ success in court, such as the attorneys of Qiklaw.

What Does a Successful Expungement Do?

Felony Expungement in California is the best course of action for anyone who wishes to engage in professional licensing or employment in the future after receiving a criminal record. Expungement will protect you from discrimination based on these records. It will also prevent you from being dismissed as a witness in a court case in which you are not the defendant.

What Does an Expunged Record Not Affect?

There are some restrictions on what the expungement of a criminal record can do, primarily in regards to sex offenders as well as the use of firearms. Expungements cannot be used to reverse a suspended or revoked license, and it cannot be removed from being considered one of the “”three strikes”” of California law. Speak with your expungement attorney about these issues because there may be some avenues of relief available, depending on your situation. Contact us now for a free consultation.

By conducting a Felony Expungement in California, residents can confidently conduct the business necessary to improve their lives by removing the barriers that result from a criminal record. Call Qiklaw now.