Expungement Attorneys Orange

At Qiklaw, we have the experience, knowledge and skill to assist you in clearing, cleaning and expunging your California Criminal Record.

If your record has a felony conviction on it, finding meaningful employment can be a challenge. Private employers are conducting background checks more frequently, increasing the level of difficulty of obtaining a decent job with a criminal record. That is why Qiklaw Expungement Attorneys in Orange will do whatever they can to assist you in clearing your criminal record.

Qiklaw Expungement Attorneys can file a petition to have your conviction expunged. This process is outlined in California Penal Code 1203.4. Once the court grants this petition, the original conviction will be set aside. This will allow you to confidently seek employment and honestly say that you’ve never had a felony conviction. If you need Expungement Attorneys in Orange County or the surrounding areas, Qiklaw can help.

California Penal Code 1203.4

The expungement process is complicated; expungement attorneys in Orange can help you to understand the legal intricacies and what you may expect. They will simply and concisely explain California states laws and how they apply to your personal situation, such as California penal code 1203.4. This allows someone that has a felony conviction the opportunity to petition the court with a request for the court to re-open their case and set their no contest, guilty plea or finding of guilt aside and set the conviction aside, therefore dismissing their case. Once this action is completed, their California felony conviction will no longer exist, leaving them with a clean record.

With the help of Qiklaw Expungement Attorneys in Orange, your record could be changed to display the dismissal instead of a felony conviction. This will assist you in maintaining an upper hand in the job market where 80%+ of potential employers currently do background checks.

An Expungement Attorney in Orange can assist you in expunging (setting aside) the conviction as well as dismissing the case, early probation termination, sealing and destructing juvenile records, reducing a felony conviction to a misdemeanor, purging non-trafficking Marijuana records, sealing diversion or ‘DEJ’ records or expunging a DUI case in California.

Contact Qiklaw Expungement Attorneys in Orange if you have a felony conviction in California and you want to find out if your felony conviction is eligible for expungement relief with Penal Code 1203.4.

To determine if you are eligible, you must meet the criteria below (all cases vary, so please contact Qiklaw Expungement Attorneys in Orange for a FREE case review):

  • You did not go to state prison (holding cells and county jail are not considered prison).
  • Your charges and convictions were in a state not federal court.
  • All your sentence requirements have to be satisfied (restitution, community service, fines, classes, mandatory programs, etc.).
  • You have no more criminal offenses, are not serving time for any other criminal offense, or on probation for any other criminal offense.
  • You didn’t violate any of your probation terms. If you have violations, the court can still be petitioned, but the petition for relief isn’t likely to be granted.
  • You have completed your formal or informal probation. If you weren’t given probation, you must wait for one year to pass from the date of your conviction.

Reasons to have your conviction removed from your record:

  • In the majority of cases, a private employer is not allowed to ask about or take into consideration any convictions dismissed under the Penal Code 1203.4.
  • You can truthfully answer no to the question on job applications concerning being convicted of any type of crime.
  • Your previous convictions will appear as ‘dismissed’ in the databases used for the majority of background checks.
  • Your earning capacity will greatly increase because you will be eligible for a larger variety of employment opportunities.
  • You may be able to receive housing assistance and student loans.
  • You will be eligible for different kinds of professional certificates and licenses.
  • You can leave the past behind and move forward toward a positive future.
  • You can honestly tell your friends and family you don’t have a crime conviction.
  • If a ‘wobbler’ felony is reduced to a misdemeanor, you may be able to restore some of your rights, like gun ownership.

If you are looking for assistance in expunging your felony conviction, contact Qiklaw today for a free consultation. The sooner you take control of the past, the faster you can work toward a better future.