Certificate of Rehabilitation Services

At QikLaw it is our specialty to assist you in record clearing and expungement, and when working towards moving forward often a certificate of rehabilitation is often a necessary step. In short a certificate of rehabilitation is a court order that, quite simply declares that one who has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor has been rehabilitated. This may allow the individual convicted of said felony or misdemeanor and/or served a state prison sentence the opportunity to demonstrate to future employers, along with family and friends that they have in fact been rehabilitated and are looking to move forward with their life. This certificate implies that one is now considered rehabilitated by the state of California.

Benefits from Obtaining the Certificate

There are various benefits to obtaining a California Certificate of Rehabilitation which may benefit you based on what your personal goals are. It will prevent any state licensing agency for atomatically denying you a license and it will act as an automatic application for a full governor’s pardon. A California Certificate of Rehabilitation will also prevent prior felony convictions from being used to impeach your credibility as a witness as long as your application for a governor’s pardon is also approved.

This procedure may take around six months to complete, however it is important for one to remember that it may take longer depending on the case itself and the court that the petition is filed in.

Additionally, California Penal Code Section 4582 permits those individuals convicted of felonies or misdemeanors that require registration as a sex offender pursuant to Penal Code section 290 to apply for a certificate of rehabilitation. Obtaining this certificate may terminate the requirement to register as a sex offender and can help you if you are seeking a professional or occupational license.

Eligibility Process

You may check your eligibility for a certificate of rehabilitation here on our website.

If you are in fact eligible to apply for a certificate of rehabilitation, we will work with you to give you the proper information and documentation. Then, we will draft and file a petition, which includes all forms and other necessary documents with the appropriate California Superior Court. Our attorneys will then serve a copy to the district attorney where the crime occurred, in the county where you currently reside, and where we are filing the petition. The district attorney and probation department will then conduct a background check on you and file their opposition. Next, we will call the district attorney to get their position on the case. Then, one of our attorneys will appear at a hearing that will take place in court and argue all evidence in your favor. The judge will consider all of the evidence and all the reasons for and against granting the certificate of rehabilitation. If the petition is granted, the court will immediately forward the certificate to the California Governor, where it becomes an application for a pardon.